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Title: To be a Muslim

Author:  Fathi Yakun ( Yakan )

Publisher: Dar Al Manarah


This book consists of two parts: the first part presents the characteristics that every Muslim should have and the duties he should fulfill in order to be a real Muslim who truly belongs to the religion of Islam. Many people are nowadays Muslims merely because this is simply what is written on their identity cards, or because they were born of Muslim parents. In fact, such people do not realize what their belonging to Islam means, or what the requirements of such belonging are. Thus, they may be separate from what Islam really means. This first part of the book provides answers for all such questions, showing how the Muslim can belong to this religion truly and effectively.

The second part of the book demonstrates the obligation of working for Islam and the requirement of belonging to the Islamic movement. It also depicts the features of the Islamic movement as well as its objectives, means, philosophy, methodology, and the features that should be present in its followers.

About the author...

Dr. Fathi Yakan is a prominent Islamic scholar and caller. With a Ph.D. in Arabic and Islamic Studies, he was among the pioneers of the Islamic movement in the 1950s. He was also the General Secretary of the Lebanese Al-Jamaa Al-Islamia until he won his seat in the Lebanese parliament. He is a key activist on the political stage, which was very clear during the 1996 elections.

He is the author of more than 35 books, some of them were translated into many languages.

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