Welcome to the World Baby (English/Kurdish) - Na'ima Bint Robert

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Title: Welcome to the World Baby

Author: Na'ima Bint Robert

Publisher: Mantra Lingua

Binding: Paperback, colourful.

Language: English and Kurdish (bi-lingual)


All cultures celebrate the birth of a baby in different ways. When Tariq's mum has a baby boy the whole class celebrates. And as the children talk, at circle time, they each in turn tell how their families welcomed a new child into the world. A beautiful and sensitive exploration of the diversity of cultural and religious celebrations of a baby being welcomed into our world.

About the Author

Na'ima B. Robert is 'Muslim, Black, mixed-race, Southern African, Western, revert and woman all in one'. Having worked in marketing, the performing arts, teaching and the travel and tourism industry,she is now an award-winning author and founder and Editor-in-chief of SISTERS, a magazine for Muslim women. Her books include the bestseller 'From my sisters' lips', as well as several books for children and teens such as 'From Somalia with Love' & 'Boy vs. Girl'.

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