Until they change themselves - Hatta Yaghayrua Ma Bi Anfusahim - Amr Khaled

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Title: Until they change themselves - Hatta Yaghayrua Ma Bi Anfusahim 

Author: Amr Khaled

Publisher: Dar Al Marifa 

Binding: Paperback, 288 pages.

Language: Arabic only


Amr Khaled's famous series is now available in book form. Some of the topics covered:

Step 1: Humility & Humbleness in front of Allah (Tadaru')

Step 2: Unity. We are One Community (Ummah) 

Step 3: Abandoning Disobedience 

Step 4: Taking an action 

Step 5: Confidence in Allah 

Step 6: Seriousness 

Step 7: Brotherhood and Purifying Hearts from Hate 

Step 8: Goodness and Perfection (Ihsan) 

Step 9: The Honor and Might of Muslims ('Ezzah) 


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