The Path of Da`wah between Originality & Deviation - Mustafa Mashhur

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Title: The Path of Da`wah between Originality & Deviation

Author:  Mustafa Mashhur.

Publisher:  Al-Falah Foundation.

Binding: Softcover, 220 pp. High quality print.


This is a popular book that deals with forms of deviation on the path of da'wah, the question of comprehension and other important issues related to the nature and requirements of da'wah.

The book discusses serious issues that could hinder the dawah worker from achieving his/ her goals. This book is recommended for anyone working for Islam.

About the author...

Brought up in a religious family, memorized the Glorious Qur’an as a child. He studied in the Faculty of Science at Cairo University, graduating first in his class in 1942. He took part in the Islamic Renaissance of the twentieth century and has remained active in the movement for the past 60 years. He traveled as a Da`iyah (caller to Islam) and lecturer and has been instrumental in the foundation of Islamic societies all over the world. He is one of the most eminent figures of the contemporary Islamic movement..

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