The obligatory prayers in Islam - Muhammad Muhiyud-Din

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Title: The obligatory prayers in Islam

Author: Muhammad Muhiyud-Din 

Publisher: A.S. Noordeen 

Binding: Softcover 391 pages


This book is primarily intended for those educated Muslims who have not learnt Arabic well enough to be able to study the Holy Qur’an and Hadith in the original for a firsthand knowledge of the religion of Islam. But they have inquisitive minds and have a desire to know well the religion they profess and practice. They want to know how it originated, how the form of worshiping it was determined and how the modes and manners of the performance of its fundamental duties were established.

The Extraordinary uniformity in faith and form of worship prevailing among the Muslims representing different races and climes all over the world unmistakably indicates that the religion of Islam must have been taught by a single teacher. It is indeed so. The teacher is Almighty Allah Himself. The religion of Islam is divinely ordained.

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