The Miracles of the Prophet - Hafidh Abi Al-Fada'ah Ismail Ibn Kathi'r

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Title: The Miracles of the Prophet

Author: Ibn Katheer

Translated by: Ali Mwinyi Mziwa

Publisher: Dar Al Ghadd Al Jadeed

Binding: Hardcover, 193 pages.


The Prophet's Miracles is a selection from Ibn Kathir's Al-Bidayah wan-Nihaya. During his preaching, the Prophet was often called upon to demonstrate miracles. And, he did oblige those who demanded like the splitting of the moon.

However, certain miracles were part of his mission like the Quran. Allah revealed it to him and it is a lasting miracle till the end of the world. Then, there are so many things that he said will happen as also the signs of the Last Day. We see many of them coming true as others will take place. Miracles of other Prophets have also been narrated. At the same time, Ibn Kathir (RA) has sifted the fabricated accounts which have found themselves in books of Sirah.

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