The letter which prophet Muhammad sent to the Roman Emperor Heraclius - Fehmi Cicek

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Title: The letter which prophet Muhammad sent to the Roman Emperor Heraclius

Author: Fehmi Cicek

Pages: 60

Binding: Paperback


What was the contents of the famous letter that prophet Muhammad pbuh sent to Heraclius? What was Heraclius response? What were his questions and who answered them? What can we learn? Read this booklet to find the answers.

The author said "I prepared this booklet in the hope that some day one of our Australian sons or daughters may deliver the same message of Allah's messenger (pbuh) to the leaders of imperialist nations".

About the Author:

H. FEHMI CICEK was born in one of the villages of Sivas, Turkey in 1970. The first six years of his childhood was spent in the village gardens, mountainous terrain and the nearby Yesilirmak River. He attended primary and junior secondary school in Istanbul from which he graduated first of his class. His senior secondary school years were spent defending Socialism and Kemalism through the agency and control of his "modernist?" teachers. However, through the guidance of Allah (SWT) and the support of his religious studies teacher, he turned towards Islam, the best way of life for every humankind!.

In 1989 he was accepted into the Faculty of Theology in Marmara University. During his years at the faculty he was involved in many knowledge and cultural based activities. He formed the Inter-Islamic Knowledge and Cultural Association (IDIKK) and organized many conferences which included lectures by professors from Turkey and abroad. In 1996 he ventured to Islamabad to obtain a Master's Degree at International Islamic University. He successfully acquired his Master's Degree with his thesis which was based on 'Bahjat'un-Nufûs', a commentary on 'Sahîh Al-Bukhârî' written by 'Abdullah Ibn Abi Jamrah al-Andalûsî (d. 699 H). Upon his return to Istanbul he released monthly editions of the knowledge and cultural based magazine "Dâr'ul- Hadîth". He has authored many articles in various magazines both in Turkish and English. Fehmi Cicek is also the author of ‘Life Under The Divine Light’ published in English and ‘The Rain Which Revives Dead Souls’ in Turkish.

He is also fluent in the Arabic language. He is currently teaching Qur'an and Islamic Studies at a private Islamic college in Melbourne, Australia.

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