The Exemplary Role Model Muhammad Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him - Dr Recep Dogan

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Title : The Exemplary Role Model Muhammad Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him

Author: Dr Recep Rogan

Publisher and Translator: FB Publishing 

Binding: paperback, 355 pages


We tried to show Muhammad’s exemplary life so people can eradicate themselves of misconceptions and the Muslims can follow His way and represent Islam in the best form. The books which cover the biography of the Prophet usually give chronological information about His life; however, do not give insight into the exemplary characteristics. For example the Prophet as educator, leader, the commander of an army, father, husband, ruler of state is absent from regular Sirah books. I came to the conclusion that it is beneficial to combine Sirah with the philosophy behind it, so have attempted to do so in this humble work.

More About The Exemplary Role Model Muhammad

“If you are looking for an account which includes the philosophy behind the prophet’s (saw) life, then look no further. The Exemplary Role Model plays a different angle to the usual biographies and accounts of his (saw) life as it focuses on how we can look to the prophet’s journey through this world to find answers to our own problems. It looks at combining Sirah with the reasoning behind it, alongside his (saw) characteristics which make him such an extraordinary man an prophet… If you’re looking for some divergence from an account of his (saw) life, then this book may give you that through [its] very easy read. The format feels much more of a discussion then a complicated biography with names and places to remember, which makes it [easier] to digest than [other] accounts.”Muslimah In Reverie, 12/2014

About the Auhtor:

Dr Recep Dogan is a prominent Muslim scholar, author and a respected community activist in Australia. He completed his Bachelor of Divinity (Islamic Theology) at Ankara University, Turkey. He then continued on at Ankara University to complete a Master of Islamic Studies and later a PhD in the Islamic Studies Department, Philosophy of Religion. 


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