The end of the world: How and When? -Sh Muhammad Mutwali Al- Sharawii

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Title: The end of the world: How and When?

Author: Sh Muhammad Mutwali Al- Sharawii

Binding: Paperback, 81 pages.


This book presents the signs of the end of the world (day of Judgement) with evidence of the Quran and Sunnah.

About  Sheikh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyah

Raised in Egypt's Nile Delta village al-Dacadous, Shaykh Sharawi, who held moderate mainstream views of Islam, graduated in 1943 with an Islamic degree specializing in Arabic language. The shaykh taught at Saudi Arabia's King Abdel Aziz University in the 1950s and 60s, and later served as Egypt's Religious Endowments Minister in the late 70s.

When Shaykh Sha'rawi returned to Egypt in 1975, he had a lasting impact on Egypt's television audience when he appeared in the weekly program Nur `Ala Nur. His lecturing style diverged greatly from that of traditional Azharites, conveying his wealth of Qur`anic knowledge in a style and language understandable to the common man. Shaykh Sha'rawi's fame skyrocketed. The shaykh was universally regarded as Egypt's top preacher. His books, tapes and videos are popular all over the Muslim world and he was given prestigious awards by a number of the Gulf States.

The shaykh's major works include the encyclopedic Interpretation of the Holy Koran and The Great Fatwas, a collection of religious edicts and answers to questions about Islam. Shaykh Sha'rawi hosted a weekly television show during which he interpreted the Qur`an to a live audience. The show was aired daily during the Moslem fasting month of Ramadan.

Shaykh Sha`rawi passed away in June 1998.

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