The Deen Show - A Way Of Life

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Title: The Deen Show - A Way Of Life

Language: English

Publisher: One Islam Productions


Deen Show is a new online ‘tv station’ hosted by Br Eddie Redzovic. This double-DVD set includes interviews with various speakers, touching on many important topics.

1- Culture vs Islam by YASIR QAHDI
2- Can God Be A Man by YUSUF ESTES
3- The Money God by YUSUF ESTES
4- Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll by ABDUR RAHIM GREEN
5- How I Came To Islam by RENALDO

1- Jihad Explained by JALAL ABU ALRUB
2- Getting To Know The Messenger by SAID RAGEAH
3- Finding Joy and Peace by YASIR QAHDI

Filmed by Deen Show.

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