Talbis Iblis Deceit Of Iblis - Abdul Rahman Ibn Al-Jawzi

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Title: Talbis Iblis Deceit Of Iblis

Author: Abdul Rahman Ibn Al-Jawzi

Binding: Hardcover, 496 pages

Publisher: DKI

Language: English Text


No doubt, Iblis is the most dangerous enemy of mankind, who caused Adam and Eve to come out of Paradise, and swore by the Honour of Allah that he would do his best to mislead men, and take them out of the straight path.
He, without doubt, will continue to do so relentlessly until the Day of Judgement.
This book 'Talbis Iblis' (Deceit of Iblis) is of great importance and high value in the Islamic tradition because Ibn Al-Jawzi [may Allah have mercy upon him] discloses in it some of Ibli's strategies, tricks, approaches and deceits against many communities and sects of Muslims, whom he tempts, and puts to confusion about their religion. He makes errors and religious innovations fair-seeming to their eyes. Consequently, they have become deep-rooted in their minds like a religion which they believe in and act upon in all their life affairs.
The real value of this book, in my view, is that with each deceit he mentions, he clarifies its nature, and the best way to treat it.
I hope the reader and scholar will have a great benefit from reading and studying this book, Allah willing.

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