Swirling Hijaab: Le Foulard Qui Tourbillonne (English/French) - Na'ima Bint Robert

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Title: Swirling Hijaab: Le Foulard Qui Tourbillonne (English/French)

Author: Na'ima Bint Robert

Publisher: Mantra Lingua

Binding: Paperback, 24 pages, colourful.

Language: English and French (bi-lingual)

Recommmended Ages: 4 to 7


A lyrical book about the feelings a little Muslim girl has for her head scarf, her Hijab. Author Na’ima Bint Robert skillfully weaves a beautiful tale that elicits pride in Islamic attire and portrays the beauty and diversity of Muslim women.

With a swirl of the hijab a little girl is at once a brave warrior queen, an adventurous nomad in the desert, a beautiful bride, inside a Bedouin tent. Sometimes you read a book that makes a very strong point about a major Islamic issue but the author uses such finesse that you hardly feel it. The author sweeps away all controversy over hijab simply by the use of appealing and positive imagery. "A very special book and extremely timely with this beautiful illustrations combined with simple but engaging text."

About the Author

Na'ima B. Robert is 'Muslim, Black, mixed-race, Southern African, Western, revert and woman all in one'. Having worked in marketing, the performing arts, teaching and the travel and tourism industry,she is now an award-winning author and founder and Editor-in-chief of SISTERS, a magazine for Muslim women. Her books include the bestseller 'From my sisters' lips', as well as several books for children and teens such as 'From Somalia with Love' & 'Boy vs. Girl'.

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