Study on Second Language Learners of Arabic - Jassem Ali Jassem

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Title: Study on Second Language Learners of Arabic

Author: Jassem Ali Jassem

Publisher: A S Noordeen (Malaysia)

Binding: Paperback, 413 pages


This book investigates the use of certain aspects of the Arabic verb phrase by Malaysian Islamic Secondary school learner of Arabic by using the Error Analysis Approach. The sample consisted of 54 Fourth-year student who was studying in the Islamic stream at the National Religious Secondary School In KualaLumpur. The data came from two written tasks on two topics familiar to the students which they Completed in the class. The procedures of the data analysis in this study used both qualitative and quantitative methods. The standard statistical formula in scoring or calculating the errors employed the frequency and the percentage formula. Also provides practical and pedagogical suggestion for language teaching especially Arabic tense and S.V.A.

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