Stories Of The Unseen In authentic Traditions - Prof Dr. 'Umar S. Al-Ashgqar

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Title: Stories Of The Unseen In authentic Traditions

Author: Prof Dr. 'Umar S. Al-Ashgqar

Publisher: Dar Al-Nafaes

Binding: Hardback, 332 pages


Stories of the Unseen in the Authentic Traditions is a collection of stories that have been proven and authenticated as originally narrated by Prophet Muhammad (S) or by his Companions (RA).

The stories Professor ‘Umar al-Ashqar has chosen to compile within this book are among the most interesting stories related by Prophet Muhammad (S).

These stories reveal many extraordinary, exciting useful facts and prophecies about the Day of Judgment, signs of the Hour, and ancient nations as well as the future.

They contain numerous morals that could really assist in preventing future trials and could possibly encourage someone to turn over a new leaf to lead a better life full of piety and happiness

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