Stories from the life of Umar - Dr. Tahira Arshed

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Title: Stories from the life of Umar

Author: Dr. Tahira Arshed

Publisher: Maqbool Books

Binding: Hardback, 78 pages. 


This book; Stories from the Life of Umar رضي الله عنه is a compilation of all the important stories from the life of Islam's most prominent and best loved Sahabi (companion) of the Prophet.

 From his acceptance of Islam to his business ethics in life, Umar's رضي الله عنه tales are narrated in this book in an impeccable manner which gives the book a unique quality that is rarely found in children's books today.

 It's a best-seller around the world, and children as well as their parents love the well-researched content of this book featuring easy language which is complimented by beautifully illustrated pictures that help enhance the reading experience of the modern reader.

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