Social Justice in Islam - Sayyid Qutb

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Title: Social Justice In Islam

Author: Sayyid Qutb

Translated by: John B. Hardie and revised by Hamid Algar

Binding: Softcover, 339 pages

Publisher: Islamic Book Trust

Language: English

From The Publisher:

Perhaps the best known work of Sayyid Qutb who was executed by the Egyptian regime in 1966. Despite the years that have passed since his death, the imprint of Qutb's thought on contemporary Islamic movements remains profound. This book retains its relevance in many respects: the socio-economic inequality in Muslim societies, the need for viewing Islam as a totality, and the depiction of the West as a neo-Crusading force.

Syed Qutb's strong conviction that Islam is superior to all other systems is made clear in this work. Syed Qutb says that 'the ruler occupies his position only by the completely and obsolutely free choice of all Muslims; and they are not bound to elect him by any compact with his predecessor'.When the community becomes dissatisfied with a ruler, his rule must end. Nevertheless, Qutb does not provide for a completely democratic system. The system is fundamentally based on the Qur'an and sunnah.

John B. Hardie's English translation, first published in 1953 and reprinted several times without modification, has been thoroughly revised and corrected for the present edition by Hamid Algar, Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, who has also contributed an introduction analyzing the work and the life of its author.

The Author : Syed Qutb, true to his teachings died for the values he espoused. He was sentenced to death and hanged by a military court established by Nasser. Writing was his jihad against the jahiliyya that he saw all around him
1906 : Born in the village Musha, northern Egypt.
1930's and 1940's: Qutb start working as a inspector of schools for the Egyptian Ministry of Education. He also tries to start a career as a writer, and publishes some books but without much success.
1948: Travels to USA on a scholarship to study the educational system, receiving a master's degree from the Colorado State College of Education.
1951:Sayyid Qutb returns to Egypt, and joins the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan ul Muslim)
1952: First volume of his commentary In the Shade of the Qur'an (Fi Zilal al-Qur'an) is published. There would be 29 more volumes to this work.
1954: He is arrested and sentenced to long imprisonment together with many other members of the Ikhwan,.
1964: After 10 years in prison, Qutb is released.
1965: Is allegedly part of the planning of the assassination of President Gamal Abdu l-Nasser, and is arrested again.
1966 August 29: Executed after being found guilty in the 1965 plot. May Allah Bless his Soul
'In The Shade of THE QUR'AN:} Sayyid Qutb


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