Scholarship in Islam - Abdul Sattar Said

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Title: Scholarship in Islam

Authors: Abdul Sattar Said

Publisher: Al Falah 

Binding: Paperback 167 pages.


This is an interdisciplinary book which introduces the reader to the Islamic sciences, exploring the rich history of the Muslim scholarship, its methodology and influence on the world. The journey begins at the time of the Prophet pbuh with the revelation of the first Quranic verse which is a clear instruction that knowledge and faith are inseparable. Beginning with the religious sciences (Tafsir, Seerah, Hadith Fiqh, etc), and including those currenly considered as'secular' (medeicine, mathematics etc).

We see how Islam encouraged Muslim scholars to excel, producing voluminous works in various fields. For over a thousand years, Arabic remained the language of knowledge amd intellect by virtue of its role in Islam.

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