Riyaa : The Hidden Shirk - Abu Amar Yasir al-Qathi

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Title: Riyaa : The Hidden Shirk

Author: Abu Amar Yasir al-Qathi

Publisher: A.S Noordeen 

Binding: Paperback 101 pages.


In this work, the author has combined the efforts of early scholars, like Ibn al-Jawzee and Ibn Rajab, with that of modern scholars like Saleem al-Hilaalee and 'Abdul 'Azeez 'Abdul Lateef, to study the spiritual disease of Riyaa'.

The result is a very comprehensive, yet concise, teratise on the subject of Riyaa' in which all the hadeeth references verified and authenticated, as well as English hadeeth references identified. It is, without a doubt, a very imprtant addition to the English Islamic library, which presently lacks any specialized works on the topic. Its importance cannot be overstressed, because the character which Islaam seeks to build would be incomplete without a clear understanding of this subject.


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