RISE OF A NATION - From Students to Leaders (DVD) - Tawfique Chowdhury

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Title: RISE OF A NATION - From Students to Leaders  (DVD)

Author: Tawfique Chowdhury

Binding: DVD set

Description from the Publisher:

Saddened with the news of Muslims and the calamities that has happened to us, we ask ourselves when will this darkness end and when will the light of Islam break through. When will we see a revival of the tremendous energy that propelled Muslims forward in history; the energy that comes from a clear sense of purpose and direction?

Abu Yusuf Tawqfique Choudhury delivers an inspirational lecture addressing students to hold firm, stay steadfast and to keep our goals and aims high. So much so that if they aim for the stars then Insha-Allah they hit the Moon or if they aim for the World then at least they will fix their country. He emphasises the need for leaders, leaders that realise they can make their own future and give rise to this blessed nation.

A nation which flourished once upon a time where the rights of minorities were protected, human rights were enshrined not just in law but in scripture, and a knowledge-centred society was fostered that was the intellectual well from which all of Europe came to drink. Taqfique Choudhury also comments on the importance of seeking knowledge and to keep a balance between Islam and Secularism.

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