Rights of Muslim Women (DVD) - Rasha Al-Disuqi

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Title: Rights of Muslim Women (DVD)

Speaker: Rasha Al-Disuqi

Publisher: One Islam Production

Medium: DVD


Rasha al-Disuqi begins this panel by analyzing the Muslim woman's goal in the United States. Comparing this goal with that of the secular feminist movement there, she provides an overview of the rights granted to Muslim women so that people can recognize the benefits to society when these rights are applied.

Theoretically Muslim women have the rights, but few know exactly what to do with them. The speaker provides a fresh perspective on this very important subject by looking at seven main rights that Islam affords to women in the context of modern-day American society. These rights are as follows: the right of vicegerency, the right to live, the right to financial support, the right to an education, the right to legal testimony and inheritance, the right to being treated kindly, and the right to representation on the board of a masjid.

In discussing these rights, she covers many issues that are very often misunderstood, not only by non-Muslims, but by Muslims themselves such as the responsibility of da'wah, women's voice as "awrah" (a type of nakedness), the hadith that speaks about deficiency in women, the degree of men over women, and the Muslim woman's participation in society.

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