Reflection on the Tract of the Teachings - Muhammad A. Al-Khatib

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Title: Reflection on the Tract of the Teachings

Author:  Muhammad A. Al-Khatib

Publisher:  Al Falah

Binding: Softcover, 325 pp.

Description from the Publisher

The "Tract of the Teachings" article, which was written by Hasan al-Banna, clarifies the path of da`wah and manifests features of tomorrow's world. Written in a style rich in its brevity, precision, concentration, and clarity, it penetrates the hearts and minds, shakes consciences and then settles in the depths of one's soul. Discussing this tract and its contents is enough to set the Muslim on the starting point towards the goal - that the Word of Allah be exalted to the heights of ultimate power in this universe.

This book attempts not merely a traditional explanation, but rather, overarching coverage of its structure so as convey some of the power of its impact. In other words, it is a new reading of the tract which has, until now, proven so difficult to explicate.

About the author...

Muhammad A. Al-Khatib: Was born in 1929. He got a Ph.D. in Theology from Al-Azhar University in 1956. Since the early stage in his life, he devoted himself to the Da`wah and preaching. He was promoted into different positions in the field of Da`wah; (e.g.) a senior preacher in Libya, and a head of the Fatwa Commitee in the Ministry of Waqfs (Endowment) in the United Arab Emirates. He is considered one of the great scholars of the contemporary Islamic movement. He contributed more than 40 titles to the Islamic library. Some of his famous books are Mafahim Tarbawiyyah (Educational Concepts), and Khasa'is al-Mujtama' al-Muslim (Characteristics of the Muslim Society). 

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