Quiz Book On Islam For All Levels Of Expertise - Husain A.Nuri

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Title: Quiz Book On Islam

Author: Husain A.Nuri

Publisher: Weekend Learning

Binding: Paperback, 160 pages


This book contains over 1,700 questions broken down into beginners, intermediate and advanced levels, making it suitable for any age group and any level of scholarship. The book covers over 100 topics on Islam including Quran, Hadith, aqidah, fiqh, seerah, salat, Islamic history, ideologies, ethics, prophets, applications, concepts, communities, companions, etc. Explanatory answers are given at the back of the book. The answers are based on the Quran, authentic Sunnah, and verifiable historic documents. This book is the right tool for quiz competitions – whether you are participating or conducting one!

An indispensable book for all levels of expertise.


- 240 beginners level questions - 288 intermediate level questions - 1,210 advanced level questions - 104 different topics on Islam - Correct, reliable answers



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