Our World (audio CD) Drums only Version - Zain Bhika

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Title: Our World

Format: Compact Disc (CD) | Style: Drums only & Voice

Running Time: (aprox.): 49 mins

Language(s): English



 The aim of this album was to try and portray, in a small way the many diverse cultures, languages and traditions that we as humankind possess. How Islam unifies us all as brothers and sisters working towards a single, common objective of complete submission to the will of our Creator. On this album Zain had the opportunity to work with the many talented artists on this album.

The only aim of projects like these is to bring all who listen to it closer to Allah thereby attaining peace and success for now and the Hereafter. May Allah accept our humble efforts. The album features tracks like Orphan Child, We Are Your Servants and Allah Hu.

Number of Discs: 1
Running Time (aprox.): 49 mins
Languages: English with some Arabic, Turkish and Urdu

Track Listing (click on link to listen to sample):
1- Introduction (by Yusuf Islam)
2- Our World
3- Selawat
4- Orphan Child
5- We are your servants (with Yusuf Islam)
6- Prayers on Ibrahim
7- Spread the World
8- Demedim mi?
9- Salamun salam (with Khalid Belrhouzi)
10- Months in Islam
11- Allahu Allahu
12- Time
13- Praise to the Prophet (PBUH) (Bonus CD Track)

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