Our Children : A Practical guide for Islamic Education - Abdullah Abdul-Mu`ti

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Title: Our Children : A Practical guide for Islamic Education

Author: Abdullah Abdul-Mu`ti

Translated by: Reda Bedeir 

Publisher: Islamic Inc


This book presents a useful guide for raising children so as to take care of all aspects of their life during childhood which would secure them sound lives and balanced personalities. Depending on the essentials the Sunna and Jama`a, this book adopts a moderate altitude in an age deplete with the darkness of ignorance and the domination of materialism: an age that flucluates between two extremes: either extremism or permissibility. What makes it more beautiful is it pays attention to the element of entertainment by incorporating some stories and anecdotes which raise the reader's interest and showing a number of various games that help children develop their physical and mental abilities and acquire aesthetic behaviour and morals.

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