On The Political System of the Islamic State - Muhammad S. El-Awa

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Fil Nizam Al-Siyasi lil Dawla Al-Islamiya 

Author: Muhammad S. El-Awa

Binding: Paperback 148 Pages

Publisher: American Trust Publications (ATP)


This informative guide on the basics of Islamic political theory first covers the political situation in Arabia before and after the formation of the Islamic state in the seventh century. It then expounds on the objectives of a government in Islam, leading into a discussion of the principles of al-Shura, justice, freedom, and equality. This book serves as an ideal source of information about the political system under Islamic Shari’ah, for both academic and non-academic circles.


Muhammad S. El-Awa El-Awa, is one of the most sought-after interpreters of Islamic thought. He is also acknowledged, by friends and foes, as one of Egypt's finest lawyers specialised in constitutional law. This seminal book, Fil Nizam Al-Siyasi lil Dawla Al-Islamiya (On The Political System of the Islamic State:) remains the most important and comprehensive study of the concept of the Islamic state and governance. His legal knowledge spans the spectrum from the Egyptian legal system, Islamic Shari'a to a profound knowledge of Anglo-Saxon legislative systems. He is someone whose opinions on Islamic fiqh and constitutional law are constantly sought after in Egypt.

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