On The Origins Of Human Society - Malik Bennabi

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Title: On The Origins Of Human Society

Author:  Malik Bennabi

Publisher: Islamic Book Trust  

Binding: Softcover, 144 pages


In this seminal work, Malik Bennabi investigates the essentials of human society by exploring what makes the human group an ethico-social order and historical community, and not a mere agglomerate of individuals living according to the mere laws of nature. Following a multi-disciplinary approach informed by a clear philosophical bent of mind and a unity of intellectual vision, On The Origins of Human Society provides an adequate theoretical framework for a paradigmatic shift in the study and understanding of human social existence.

Malik Bennabi (1905-1973) could be regarded as the most eminent scholar and thinker of post-World War II Algeria and one of the foremost intellectuals of the Arab world. Educated in Algiers and Paris, he graduated in electrical engineering from a polytechnic school in Paris. His works include among others, The Problem of Ideas in the Muslim World, The Qur'anic Phenomenon, Islam in History and Society, Fikrat Commonwealth Islami, al-Muslim fi Alam al-Iqtisad, Mudkhakkiratu Shahoidin lil-Qarn (Memoirs of a Witness of the Century), Les Conditions de La Renaissance, Les Grands Themes and The Problem of Culture.

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