New Explorations into the Making of Ibn Khaldun's Umran Mind - Mahmoud Dhaouadi

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Title: New Explorations into the Making of Ibn Khaldun's Umran Mind

Authors: Mahmoud Dhaouadi

Publisher: A S Noordeen  

Binding: Paperback 280 pages.


The second half of the 20th century has witnessed, in the Arab Muslim world as well as in the West, more intellectual writings, debates, congresses, etc, about Ibn Khaldun's social thought than ever before since Ibn Khaldun wrote his Muqaddimah in the 14th century. The chapters of this book are intended to make their own contribution to the renewal of Ibn Khaldun's social science thought. Each one of the chapters explores something new about the original thought of the creative personality of the author of Muqaddimah..

This book will shed some light on the Islamic approach to management and delineate important lessons from the teachings of Islam and experiences of Muslims.

People who should read these books include all managers seeking to enhance the effectiveness of their organizations. This book's particularly important for Muslim managers who will find it to be coherent to their cultural values.

Topics covered in this book include:

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