Men around the messenger - Khalid Muhammad Khalid

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Title: Men around the messenger

Author: Khalid Muhammad Khalid

Publisher: Al Maktaba Al Asria, Lebanon

Binding: Hardcover, 400 pages.


This is the well known and celebrated work of Khalid Muhammad: Rijal Hawla al-Rasul.

While reading this book, we cannot help but be moved by the lives of the Companions herein depicted. The sixty-four companions presented here are representative of that unique generation, a generation without parallel in history. They come from all walks of life and character. These are stories of real people which can be historically verified. These stories will touch the souls of the believers, for they will find in them yet another proof of that conviction that fills their hearts, though it may be denied and its signs effaced by wielders of power in the Muslim lands through treachery and cowardice.

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