Life of Omar - Qisat Hayat Omar - Sh Ali Tantawi

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Title:  Life of Omar - Qisat Hayat Omar 

Author: Shaikh Ali Al-Tantawi

Publisher: Dar Al Manarah

Binding: Paperback, 90 pages booklet

Language: Arabic only 


The biography of an exceptional leader - Omar Ibn Al Khattab may Allah be please with him. He was brought up in the school of prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and that school... is still opened.



About the Author:


Name : Shaikh Ali Al Tantawi
Period : 1908 - 1999
Biographical detail : Judge, broadcaster, author, editor, teacher and orator.

Shaikh al-Tantawi was involved in the independence of Syria, and while in Iraq, he inspired Iraqi students for Jihad against British rule in Iraq. In early 1950s, he was in the forefront mobilising support for the struggle of independence in Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco from France. He travelled to Muslim countries to raise funds for Palestine. He stood out for freedom as a God-given human right.

Shaikh al-Tantawi was involved in the formulation of the family laws in Syria and Egypt.

In 1990, Shaikh al-Tantawi was awarded King Faisal International Prize for service to the cause of Islam.

Shaikh al-Tantawi authored many books on a wide variety of subjects but A Brief Introduction to Islamic Faith remained his favourite. His memoirs were published in eight volumes.

Shaikh Ali al-Tantawi was born in Damascus and died in Jeddah where he was residing since 1963.


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