Juz 'Amma For School Students Primer - Husain A. Nuri & Mansur Ahmad

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Title: Juz 'Amma For School Students Primer

Author: Husain A.Nuri &Mansur Ahmad

Publisher: Weekend Learning

Binding: Glossy paper, 72 pages, Saddle-Stitch


Juz Amma Primer is an introductory book containing the complete Juz ‘Amma. This small, handy book is for the beginners who need only the Arabic text and translation. The Arabic text and translation are placed side by side in two columns, in a tabular format for easy reading and reciting. At the end of each surah, transliteration is provided, only for those students who cannot read the Arabic and might benefit from the transliteration. This version does not contain explanation of the ayats. This book also does not contain word-to-word meaning. The book contains large, crisp color-coded Arabic text. This book is designed to help children memorize the juz and understand the basic meaning. As the readers mature, they can progress to elaborate explanations and word-to-word meaning as given in the “Juz Amma for School Students” book (either the green- or red-covered book)

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