Islamic School Book Grade 1 : Eid Mubarak - Susan Douglass

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Title: Islamic School Book Grade 1 : Eid Mubarak

Author: Susan Douglass

Publisher: Goodword

Binding: Paperback, 115 pages 

Publisher: GoodWord Kidz


Part of the Islamic School Book Series.

These well researched and skillfully written books are supplementary material for teaching children social studies from Grades K-6. They cover areas such as community studies, geography, and Muslim civilization and contributions. Each book has been written at the appropriate vocabulary level for the grade and comes with teacher's instructions and exercise questions. They correct and extend the public school social studies curriculum.

Eid Mubarak, describes the two main Islamic celebrations, their background and major features of their observance.

The book is also a case study of the unity and diversity of Muslims across the globe.

About the Author:

Susan Douglass is an American-born Muslim who accepted Islam in 1974. She received the Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Rochester in 1972. She received the Master of Arab Studies from Georgetown University in 1992. She holds teaching certification in social studies from New York and Virginia.


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