Islamic Achievement Badges : Set 4 of 10 (6 badges)

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Title: Islamic Achievement Badges : Set 4 of 10 (6 badges)

Publisher: Creative Motivations

Description from the publisher:

Creative Motivations' Exclusive Collection of Islamic Achievement Badges are designed to inspire a love of Islam, build strong moral character, and establish a firm foundation in the faith. From toddlers to teens, we have sets for each age and skill level, whether your child is learning from birth or is just beginning to practice their faith at a later age. These fun and colorful badges are an outstanding motivational tool for building Islamic character, creating enthusiasm for attaining knowledge, and instilling a sense of pride in their Islamic identity. Perfect for families, amazing in the classroom, and ideal for Muslim Scout Troops, each pin can easily have an activity or lesson designed around it to reinforce learning. And because they're pin-back badges, they can be clipped to a sash, vest, backpack, clothes, etc. and used again and again!

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