Islam: The wrongly accused religion - Muhammad Al Ghazali

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Title: Islam: The wrongly accused religion   

Author: Muhammad Al Ghazali

Binding: Hardback, 195 pages

 Publisher: Nahdat Misr


This is one of Sh Ghazali's most popular books. For description refer to back image of book.

About the Author:

Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ghazali lived from 1917 to 1996 in Egypt. Born Ahmad Al-Saqqa, his father nicknamed him Muhammad Al-Ghazali after the famous ninth century scholar, Abu Hamid al-Ghazali. In 1941, Muhammad Al-Ghazali graduated from al-Azhar University in Egypt, and became a leading figure in the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood before his dismissal from its constituent body. His subsequent rise in the Egyptian Muslim jurisprudence system was accompanied by the publication of more than fifty of his works, ensuring popularity for his approaches to tafsir and his responses to modernity across the Muslim world. In the 1980s, he spent time as the head of the Islamic University academies in Mecca, Qatar, and Algeria.


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