Islam, the West and the Challenges of Modernity - Tariq Ramadan

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Title: Islam, the West and the Challenges of Modernity

Author: Tariq Ramadan

Publisher: The Islamic Foundation

Binding: Paperback 352 pages

Description from the publisher

Islam, the West and the Challenges of Modernity attempts to demonstrate, using sources which draw upon Islamic thought and civilization, that Muslims have the means to respond to contemporary challenges without betraying their identity. The book argues that Muslims, nourished by their own points of reference, can approach the modern epoch by proposing a specific social, political and economic management that is linked to ethical values, a sense of finalities and spirituality.

This still requires, however, that the Western interlocutors make a distinction between modernity and the ideology of modernism which tends to impose Westernization. The latter, in its substance and other than in its well-intentioned discourse, does not admit the reality of the pluralism of civilizations, religions or cultures.

These 352 pages is a must read for all Muslims living in the West.




About the Author

Tariq Ramadan is a Research Fellow at St. Antony's College, Oxford University and the Lokahi Foundation (London). He is the author of Western Muslims and the Future of Islam; Islam, the West, and the Challenges of Modernity ; and To Be a European Muslim.









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