Islam for Younger People - Ghulam Shawar

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Title : Islam For Younger People

Publisher : Muslim Educational Trust

Author : Ghulam Shawar

Pages : 64 Softcover

From The Publisher :

Intended for children aged 6-11, Islam for Younger People outlines the basic beliefs of Islam in a clear fashion. A brief sketch of Prophet Muhammad’s life, details of the five ‘pillars’ of Islam, a selection of stories and the text of four short chapters of the Qur’an serve to make this one of the most popular of Islamic books for this age group.

Professor Ghulam Sarwar is The Muslim Educational Trust’s executive head, he is a graduated with honours in Commerce from the Govt College of Commerce, Chittagong and did his Masters in Business Management from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is a fellow of Royal Society of Arts.
He taught Business Management to undergraduates in the City College, Chittagong for approximately three years. He has been actively involved in the Islamic Da’wah since 1962. He has come to the UK in 1973 and joined the Muslim Educational Trust as its first ever director in January 1973. He has devoted his life to the cause of Islam and Islamic education and has been carrying on as its director ever since

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