Islam Beliefs and Teachings - Ghulam Sarwar

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Title: Islam Beliefs and Teachings

Author: Ghulam Sarwar 

Publisher: Muslim Educational Trust

Binding: Paperback 236 pages


The fifth edition of Islam: Beliefs and Teachings was published in June 1998. This edition saw a number of corrections and amendments to the text.
It is one of the best-selling childrens' and adult books on Islam in the world (196,000 copies printed), giving a comprehensive introduction to the religion in an affordably priced and well-produced volume. It is ideal for young Muslims, new Muslims and non-Muslims who want an easy-to-read overview of the final revealed religion. Many schools and Islamic centers now use Islam: Beliefs and Teachings as a standard text.

About the Author

Ghulam Sarwar is the Director of the Muslim Education Trust. He has an Honours degree in Commerce and a Masters degree in Management from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. For three years, he taught Business Management in the City College, Chittagong, Bangladesh and since the early sixties has has been actively involved in Islamic Da'wah (teaching of Islam). His written works include: Islam for Younger People, The Children's Book of Salah, British Muslims and Schools, Sex Education -- The Muslim Perspective, Syllabus and Guidelines for Islamic Teaching, Muslims and Education in the UK and Books on Islam in English.

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