Is the Trinity Doctrine Divinely Inspired? - M.A.C. Cave

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Title:   Is the Trinity Doctrine Divinely Inspired?

Author: M.A.C. Cave

Binding: Paper Back 118 pages booklet

Publisher: Al Dar Al Islamia


This publication, “Is the TRINITY DOCTRINE Divinely Inspired?”, should serve as food for thought to every right minded person and the followers of Modern Christianity. The concept of the Trinity has baffled every Christian denomination. Although Mr. M. A. C. Cave was a Christian who believed in the Trinity before, when he carried-out his research into the origin of this doctrine, he discovered to his utter amazement that it was a later development conceived and engineered by various Christian writers and thinkers. Mr. M. A. C. Cave builds up evidence that the Trinity is nothing but a man- made doctrine that falls short of being a revelation from God. Subsequently, this tailor-made doctrine lost its angularity on account of built-in contradictions and proved thorny on the side of Christian hierarchy in general and the clergy in particular who are trying to prop it up. It is unacceptable on the part of the right thinking person to hold to this dogma inspite of all its flaws. Man being rational, he should be more critical of issues of spiritual aspect which are vital to his life. He should attempt to peep into others religious scriptures around for a convincing truth. And, he should not let himself be a victim of complacency and blindfaith as in the past. Try to reflect on the verses of the Scriptures.

I appeal to the reader to examine this book with an unbiased mind and open heart to the truth because this is the only way that may lead to the right decision that shapes one’s life in this world and the world to come.

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