Ibn Sina : A Concise Life - Edoardo Albert

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Title: Ibn Sina : A Concise Life

Author: Edoardo Albert

Publisher: Kube Publishing

Binding: Softcover, 95 pages.

Description from Publisher:


Ibn Sina, who is referred to as Avicenna in Latin, was a true polymath. Born in Persia in the tenth century, his passion for knowledge was unbound, and he made lasting contributions to medicine, math, and philosophy. Due to the scope and brilliance of his work he can be compared to the great Leonardo da Vinci. With illustrations, photographs, and maps, the rich and diverse world that produced Ibn Sina is vividly brought alive. Edoardo Albert is a London-based writer of Italian and Sri Lankan extraction. He also wroteImam al-Ghazali: A Concise Life which was the first book in the Concise Life series.


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