I Wonder About Allah Book 1 - Ozkan Oze

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Title: I Wonder About Allah Book 1

Author: Ozkan Oze

Publisher: Islamic Foundation

Binding: Paperback 127 pages


Have you ever wondered about Allah? Have you ever wanted to ask where Allah lives, or why you can’t see Him? How He managed to create everything and why all of creation obeys Him. These questions, and many more, are explored inside.

The “I Wonder” series includes the following titles, scheduled for release over the next two years:

  • I Wonder about Allah (Book Two)
  • I Wonder about the Prophet
  • I Wonder about the Qur’an
  • I Wonder about the Angels
  • I Wonder about Heaven
  • I Wonder about Destiny


The I Wonder series gives young readers answers to the BIG questions they have about Islam in brilliant little books.

“Perfect fodder for inquisitive young minds… and their parents’, too! A conversation with Ozkan Oze is an enjoyable one indeed” — Jamal Orme, author of The Victory Boys



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