I Can Read the Quran Anywhere! : I Can Series - Yasmin Ibrahim

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Title: I Can Read the Quran Anywhere!  {I Can Series}

Author: Yasmin Ibrahim

Pages: 15 pages

Binding: Hard Cover (Board Book)

Publisher: The Islamic Foundation


This is part of the popular "I can series".

I Can" series of books introduces and illustrates some basic yet important concepts and terms for young Muslim children. These are explained with reference to their everyday life and in the settings with which children are familiar. In simple, easy-to-understand langauge the series presents Islam as a living reality to be experienced in daily life. It answers many questions about Islam as faith which arise in young, curious minds.

This title focuses on the importance of studying the Qur'an in Islam. Its study makes us realize all the more the countless gifts of Allah to us.

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