How To Find Your Soulmate the Islamic Way (DVD) - Lisa Killinger

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Title: How To Find Your Soulmate the Islamic Way?

Speaker: Lisa Killinger

Publisher: One Islam Production

Medium: DVD


Relying on her knowledge of the Qur'an and Sunnah, along with her own experience of both a failed and successful marriage, sister Lisa Killinger clearly and passionately articulates what a good marriage is and how Islam provides the blueprint to a healthy and happy marital relationship.

Get out your pen and paper and prepare to take notes as this American convert lends her very practical advice on how to find that blessed Islamic marriage. She discusses all the relevant issues such as understanding and appreciating a good marriage, getting the parents involved in the courtship process, the dangers of dating and sexual desire before marriage, choosing a spouse based on beauty alone, getting to know each other by asking the real important questions and using the internet in the "shopping" process.

This lecture is great not only for those seeking their soulmate but also for those parents who are actively looking for suitable spouses for their children.

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