Glimpses of The Lives Of Righteous People - Majdi Muhammad Ash-Shahawi

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Title: Glimpses of Life after Death through the Hadiths 

Author: Majdi Muhammad As-Shahawi

Publisher: Darussalam

Binding: Hardback, 152 pages


In this book the highlights of the teachings of Islam have been presented through the glimpses of the lives of the righteous people who came before us and became the examples of religious enlightenment and excellence in the sincerity of faith and worship of Allah.

In our learning process, we come across sermons, admonitions, advices and stories based on the lives of righteous people..... and these are the ones that interest us more and produce deep-rooted effects in our minds that we long remember to get benefited from them. And it is in the same spirit of learning that this book is compiled with.

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