Ghusl And Wudu Shower Guide Cards

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Title : 99 Names of Allah Card Set - Boxed

Publisher : Creative Motivations

Description from the publisher:

Creative Motivations' Exclusive Wudu & Ghusl Guide Card is perfect for New Shahadas, Teens, and anyone who needs a simple reminder on how to properly perform Ghusl and Wudu in the shower! Completely waterproof, this durable guide is double-sided and features full color step-by-step illustrations, easy to understand instructions, and a bonus Duaa for performing Wudu!

Measures approximately 12"x5". Great Gift, excellent for travel! Can be hung on shower head, suction hook, wire shower organizers or simply adhered to the shower or bathroom wall. NOTE: Does not have Allah's Name in ARABIC anywhere on the product, thus it may be displayed in the bathroom without concern.

Based upon the Authentic Quran and Sunnah, Creative Motivations stands by the authenticity of our products. If you ever notice an error or are uncertain about the information, do not hesitate to contact us and share your concerns. We are here to help!

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