Gaza Stay Human - Vittorio Arrigoni

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Title: Gaza Stay Human

Author: Vittorio Arrigoni

Publisher: Kube Publishing  

Binding: Paperback 184 pages.


"It is first and foremost an eyewitness account of an everyman and a true humanist. He was there during the Operation 'Cast Lead' and so his daily dispatches came directly from the killing fields of Gaza, and are therefore free of any media distortion or manipulation."—Ilan Pappé, professor of history, University of Exeter

An authoritative and deeply moving eyewitness account of the terrible twenty-two-day Israeli offensive against the Gaza Strip in December 2008 and January 2009. These daily dispatches were written in precarious conditions, between bombing raids and intermittent Internet access. Vittorio Arrigoni ends his dispatches with the plea "stay human," which became the motto of the peace protests in his native Italy. This English translation is updated with new entries reflecting on life in Gaza after the offensive and also features an introduction by famous Israeli historian Ilan Pappé.

 About the Author

 Vittorio Arrigoni: Vittorio Arrigoni, has worked as a human rights activist for over a decade. He has been involved in volunteer work all over the world, from Eastern Europe to Africa, all the way to Palestine and Gaza, where he has lived for a year from 2008 to September 2009. As a freelance journalist with the Italian II Manifesto he has been writing and providing eye witness accounts for the world to read.

Daniela Filippin: Daniela Filippin is an Italian national educated and resident for many years in the UK. Currently living in Rome and working as a linguist and freelance translator in book and magazine publishing in Italy, Britain and the US, she has also worked in the editorial department of a London travel book publisher in the past. She is a mother of two.

Ilan Pappe: Ilan Pappe was born in Haifa in 1954 is currently a Chair in the Department of History, the University of Exeter and a co-director of the Exeter Centre for Ethno-Political Studies. He was the academic head and founder of the Institute for Peace studies in Givat Haviva Israel (1992-2000) and the Chair of the Emil Touma Institute for Palestinian Studies in Haifa (2000–2008). Pappe is both a Professional historian and a human rights’ activist who believes that commitment and professionalism do not necessarily clash, but rather reinforce each other. He wrote extensively on the 1948 Nakbah, Modern Middle East, multiculturalism and historiography.


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