Gateway To Arabic Book 1 Workbook - Dr. Imran H. Alawiye

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Title: Gateway To Arabic Book 1

Author : Dr. Imran H. Alawiye

Binding: Soft cover, 68 pages, Black & White

Publisher: Anglo-Arabic Graphics Ltd

A4 workbook format (294 mm x 210 mm)


With its wealth of practice materials, Gateway to Arabic Book Oneteaches the skills necessary for reading and writing the language.
This book covers:

  • Recognition of Arabic letters in their isolate form
  • Formulation of letters in their written isolate form, with clear arrows to indicate the correct writing direction
  • The three short vowels: fatha, kasra and damma
  • The recognition and formulation of letters in their joined forms
  • Nunation (al-tanween)
  • The three long vowels (al-madd)
  • Al-sukun
  • Al-shadda
  • The sun and moon letters (al-huruf al-shamsiyyah wa'l-qamariyyah), and their associated rules
  • Al-alif al-maqsura
  • Al-hamza

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