First Things First : For Inquiring Minds And Yearning Hearts - Khalid Baig

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Title: First Things First : For Inquiring Minds And Yearning Hearts

Author: Khlaid Baig

Publisher: OpenMind Press

Binding: Paperback, 421 pages 


A collection of popular thought-provoking articles on a wide range of issues dealing with Islam today. Distilling the wisdom of great scholars of Islam, these articles present Islam without apology. Originally published in the "First Things First" column of Impact International, these articles have been thoroughly revised and updated.


"Several features make the book an immensely rewarding read. First and foremost, it is not a sermon from a pulpit. It is not a scholarly dissertation, either. It is just plain talk, discussion, debate, answering frequently asked questions — such as encounters with the western civilization and culture triggers in the immigrant Muslims’ minds — and raising new ones for the reader to reflect upon. The style often takes the form of a short story: 'As Muslim governments took legitimacy from the concept of nation-state, they owed allegiance to it also... In the halls of power, the ummah died.'

"Comparison of Islamic precepts with the state of the western society adds an edge to the author’s assertions. Arguments are put across forcefully and convincingly.

"Profuse references to books, people and events besides anecdotes have further enriched the book as a source of valuable information. You may not agree with all that Khalid Baig says, but you cannot resist the urge to read this book." Dawn

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