Fiqh of Priorities- Yusuf Al-Qaradawi

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Title: Fiqh of Priorities

Author:  Sh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi

Binding: Softcover, 200 pages. High quality matt finish

Publisher: mybookstore, Australia

Sponsors: HAI, AIM, Newport Islamic Mosque, WAMY and individual donors

Translated by: New Vision, Egypt

Language: English

Review from Publisher:

In Islam, values, rules, acts and legal commandments vary widely in the eyes of Islamic Law in terms of their priority. Some are viewed as essential and others subsidiary, some as fundamental pillars and others complementary.

A disorder has afflicted our nation in such a way that the unimportant is now given more attention over the important, the small is magnified and the significant is belittled. Many Muslims are extremely cautious of minor sins, while they underrate committing the major sins.

All this makes the Muslim nation in a critical need for the jurisprudence of priorities; in a critical need to study it in depth and discuss it, until they are ready to do what is good.

This unique and important book addresses this disorder and aims to set the fundamentals by which rules, values or acts are given their due status and priority based on the correct legal criteria derived from the light of Divine Revelation. The book is a translation of the Arabic book “Fiqh Al-Awlawiyyat" by Sh Yusuf Al Qaradawi. 


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