FAMSY 23rd Annual Conference 2005 (set of 3 DVD) - New Century ours to shape together

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Title: FAMSY 23rd Annual Conference 2005 - New Century ours to shape together!

Speakers: Anas Altikriti, Jamal Badawi and Zachariah Matthews

Publisher: FAMSY

Binding: Set of 3 DVD's - professionally produced excellent sound

Description from Publisher

This is an exceptional set of 7 professionally produced lectures with excellent sound track bound in 3 DVD. A must have for all Muslim youth.

Disk 1:

1-Muslim / non-muslims Relations - Jamal Badawi

2-The Muslim Youth and the Art  of Aspiration - Anas Altikriti

Disk 2:

3-Muslim as a minority; how to make them count - Anas Altikriti

4-The Characteristics of the dawa worker - Jamal Badawi

5-Iraq and Palestine; how to find positives in the negatives - Anas Altikriti

Disk 3:

6-Knowledge; a path to success - Zachariah Matthews

7-How to make new friends - Anas Altikriti


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