Face to Face Maqrur of paradise & Masrur of fire - Ahmad Bahjat

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Title: Face to Face Maqrur of paradise & Masrur of fire

Author: Ahmad Bahjat

Publisher: Islamic Inc

Binding: Paperback, 130 pages 


Face to face takes you on a journey from the of the world to that of the hereafter . During this journey you will become acquainted with the true believer maqrur , who sacrificed his life in the way of faith . Also you will get to meet the unbeliever masrur , who sought tyranny in the land , suppressing all of those who were under his rule.

 You are invited to watch the very moment of death, resurrection and reckoning . Finally, you are given the opportunity to view both the realms of paradise with its blessings and gardens and hell-fire with the various levels that it contains. Although the names of this story are of an imaginary nature , the events and the places in which they take place are true to life . Perhaps these events have not yet occurred but undoubtedly, one day they will .



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