Current Events in the Middle East & the West (set of 2 DVD) - Anas Altikriti

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Title: Current Events in the Middle East & the West (set of 2 DVD)

Speakers: Anas Altikriti

Publisher: mybookstore

Binding: Set of 2 DVD's - professionally produced, excellent sound

Description from Publisher

What does the current wave of change and revolutions in the middle east mean for "Western" world? How should it be perceived?

Two DVD's one with the lecture presentation and the other has the lively Q&A session on the topic.

About the Author:

Founder and Chief Executive of The Cordoba Foundation. Born in Iraq in 1968 and raised and educated in the UK. Post-Graduate lecturer in Translation and Interpreting Studies, and in Political Studies at a number of UK Universities. Former President of The Muslim Association of Britain. Media Presenter and contributor (Arabic and English).

Stood for the European Parliamentary Elections in 2004. Leading figure of the global anti-war movement. Founder and Director of IslamExpo. Political advisor and strategist. Hostage Negotiator. Husband and Father to 2 boys.





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